Eric and Fiona, Alsager Cheshire

Predicament: Moving Overseas. Cannot sell with Estate Agent

This retired early couple had their property up with 2 High Estate Agents for nearly 2 years, they wanted to move to France to begin a new life, and they were being held back by using traditional failing methods of selling property in the UK. SHP stepped in with one of our creative solutions and with an agreed price of 95% of market valuation we got them where they needed to be within 8 weeks.

“For us SHP was a breath of fresh air, Stewart Hale introduced us to new ways of selling our property that we had not previously considered. We settled on a solution that suited us and is widely used across the world although the concept is relatively unknown in the UK. From our point of view we were more than happy with the terms of the contract drawn up by the lawyers. We were also extremely happy that we did not have to pay the costly Estate Agent fees. We found Stewart Hale from QCHB to be very professional and completely transparent in his explanations of the process. We would have certainly no problem in recommending SHP to any potential buyer or seller. The economic situation is changing, SHP look for solutions that fit your particular situation without you losing money. That was what we liked, and now we are more than happy living in our new home in France.”

(Eric Foster)