What are the timescales of the transaction?

Be careful of companies that say they can complete in 24 hours this is practically impossible. It is in our interest to complete all our transactions as fast as possible, there are no reasons to string out the purchase as we have our own funds in place. The normal time frame we work to is 2 – 4 weeks. We believe if we are upfront on day one with you then your expectations are managed and you do not become frustrated during the transaction. Your money is paid to your solicitor on the day the property completes.

What about Fees

We do not charge any fees to you, we will pay for any valuation we conduct and also supply and pay for a solicitor to act upon your behalf during the purchase of your property.

What am I likely to achieve for my property?

If we buy for cash then we normally operate between 75% and 85% of market valuation, however if a higher price is required and you are flexible on when you receive your money then we do have alternative solutions for you to consider. Fill in our form to find out what we pay.

Do you lock me into a contract?

No, with our ethical approach we believe that you should be free to pull out of the transaction right up until exchange if you so wish, anybody asking you to sign such a contract probably does not have the funds to purchase or will sell your contract on to another investor, these people are lead generators as opposed to property buying companies.

Will you stay in contact with me?

Absolutely, you are given out of hours numbers should you wish to have an update on the progress of the purchase of your property at anytime.

Do I have to sign a contract that locks me in?

No, we offer an ethical service and believe that you will be happy with the offer and the timescales we can perform in, you are free to walk away at anytime till completion day. Be wary of anybody who asks you to do this, they will normally be a lead generator or will try to sell the contract to an investor

How long does it take?

We can purchse very quickly, in some case s 7 days, the average is normally 2 – 3 weeks, hoever sometimes the seller requests that we take a little longer in order for them to sort out their next move. We can be flexible to work with you on your chosen timescale.

How quickly can my offer be confirmed?

We can confirm our offer normally within 24 hours of you filling in our cash offer form

Is the price you offer the price you pay?

Yes, as mentioned elsewhere in the site we provide an ethical transaction, the price we agree after survey is the price you will receive upon completion.

What about Fees?

You will not pay ANY fees with Stewart Hale Property, we pay for all valuations and even pay for your solicitor fees who act on your behalf during the transaction.

What if my property needs updating or is in poor condition?

No problem, we buy all types of property in all types of condition

Who’s money do you buy with?

We buy with our own cash funds, proof can be supplied by our solicitors, we do not use banks or other funders to complete on property.

Will you stay in contact with me?

Absolutely, we stay in touch during the entire transaction to keep you to speed from beginning to completion day. We will also give you out of hours numbers should you have a query at anytime.

Do arrears cause a problem?

No, we are able to help with arrears and stop repossession in some cases. Get in touch ASAP if this is your predicament.